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Golden Key 3.0 is coming! Do you have the key?

The Golden Key Party offers a highly exclusive, multi-sensory-immersion experience for founders, executives, investors, and influencers in the cannabis and hemp industries. This year, we will ask our guests to journey through the history of cannabis culture. Our title sponsor, Gateway Proven Strategies, will provide guests a personalized passport to guide them through the experiences as they travel along the "Silk Road" following the spread of cannabis throughout history. Each of these cultural experiences will have a communal element at the core to “break the ice” between our guests.

Our title sponsor, Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS) is Headquartered in Denver, Colorado and serves both the international hemp and marijuana industries. GPS was founded by two of the top cannabis industry leaders, Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann, merging their respective consultancies HLG Global and Feldmann Worldwide Cannabis Advisors. These guys work with world leaders across the globe to help stimulate economies by leveraging hemp as an export. They are literally paving the way for a global cannabis economy.

Coupling a carefully curated guest list of decision-makers and influencers, with an immersive, educational and absolutely memorable experience, the Golden Key Party aims to cultivate strong partnerships amongst both guests and sponsors.

This is one epic adventure you won't want to miss! Do you have the key?

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