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Golden Key 3.0 – the Hottest Party of MJBizCon Returns

Rachelle Gordon | December 6th, 2019 | App, Exclusive, News, Policy

This year’s MJBizCon in Las Vegas is poised to be the biggest yet. And while many of the 35,000+ attendees are excited to explore the expo floor and hear talks from some of the cannabis industry’s biggest names, everyone knows the after-parties are going to be the real talk of the town. 

One event that is already causing a buzz on social media is the Golden Key Party, back for its third consecutive year. Always one of the most exclusive and sought-after tickets of the week, only those gifted with a coveted “golden key” are able to gain entry to this (very) consumption-friendly soiree – sorry, no plus ones here! 

This year’s fete promises to take guests on a sensory journey across the globe as various regions important to cannabis’s evolution are traversed. Smoke hashish with Frenchy Cannoli in a Hindu Kush-themed hookah lounge or celebrate the Indian Festival of Love with Trellis – these are just a couple of the exciting activations that await.

Around the World in a Puff of Smoke

“Our theme this year will be a Journey Through the History of Global Cannabis Culture, each area will be dedicated to a different culture in which cannabis played a significant role,” explains Deanna Callahan, founder of Golden Key. “Each of these activations will feature traditional consumption methods that are true to the culture they represent. We expect this year, like the past two years, to be a fun and successful event that provides an environment where bonds and strong partnerships are formed.”

Frenchy Cannoli prepares his hookah

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the destinations guests can expect to explore:

Amsterdam – Never had a chance to visit a traditional Dutch “coffeeshop?” Greenbits has you covered in their “Cafe Amsterdam” activation, where you can learn to roll a joint like the pros!

Israel – Journey “inside the trichome” with Delta Separations and celebrate the discovery of the Endocannabinoid system, which is credited to Israeli researchers in 1992.

Afghanistan – Home of some of the world’s oldest dry sieved hashish, this section of the party dedicated to the Hindu Kush region is where you will find Frenchy Cannoli posted up with his world-famous product.

Spain – Barcelona is known for its soft stance on so-called “social lounges” and one of the most famous will be re-created at Golden Key, presented by La Kalada.

Jamaica – The land of Rastafari and Bob Marley has a rich history with the cannabis plant. Don’t miss the “Reasoning Ceremony,” sponsored by First Man.

Morocco – Another world-famous hash-making culture, the “Moroccan Kief Lounge” from will celebrate this country’s contributions to the cannabis industry with pressed trichomes and infused majoon, a traditional dish.

India – The oldest known reference to cannabis in a human text was found in Book 11, Hymn 6, Verse 15 of the Atharva Veda-Samhita. Commemorate the Holi Festival of Love in a vibrant activation presented by Trellis, which will feature dancing and bhang, a cannabis edible snack typically served during the festival.

“Trellis has been part of the Golden Key party since its inception and every year it has gotten better and better,” said Pranav Sood, founder of Trellis. “This year, the team has put together an incredible experience that brings to life the journey of the cannabis plant from around the world. I’m very excited to connect with our selective guestlist that was curated by the sponsors who will sure have a night to remember!”

Do You Have the Key?

So how does one gain access to what is certain to be the hottest party at MJBizCon? Interacting with the sponsors is the key (no pun intended). Each sponsor is given a certain number of passes to gift to the folks they see fit so make sure to visit their booths on the expo floor or hit them up on social media if you want a chance to be a part of the fun.

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